The laser liposuction advantage:

   - Obtained results are net superior than the results obtained by the classical method of liposuction.
   - The great tolerance from the part of pacient.
   - Short recovery. The second day after the intervention the pacient can take again the daily activities but without intensly effort.
   - This procedure needs just local anaesthesia, without hospitalization, the pacient doesn't feel any pain.
   - The intervention could be  made without hospitalization time.
   - The results could be seen immediately after the intervention.
   - You will have permanent results.
   - One of the great advanced of the laser is the possibility to strech the skin after the fat extraction and is avoided the “ big clothes for small body” effect. This effect could be present, in the traditional method. In the most cases it is not necessary another intervention to remove the excess of skin. The skin will be moulded on the new form.

Zones wjich can be treated with laser liposuction: upper and lower abdomen, flancs, interior and exterior thights, knee, face.