Laser liposuction  myth of true. 

The history of liposuction dated since years '20 but at first it was marked by postoperation complications. It is known the case  presented in literature of speciality by dr.Charles Dujarrier, who made the first lipectomie.

The intervention was made on the knee of a ballet dancer , but unfortunatly it was followed by important postoperation complications and it is necessary the amputation because  happens a hurt of sanguin vessels.

The modern technic of liposuction  knows a huge development begining with years '80. This development was possible thanks to Yves Illouz, Pierre  Fournier from France and Giorgio Fisher from italy. Their contribution and also the passionate work of other pioneers in this field make the possibility that the liposuction became one of the most secure procedure in the estetique surgery. All this years it was attempt a continous improvement of the operation tehnique what records small of great confirmates sucess . The most revolutionary inovation in the modern liposuction was presented by Jeffrey Klein at the  Liposuction Second World Congres in June 1986 and it consists in “Tumescente Tehnique”

One of the most recently inovation in this field is the laser liposuction intriduced by Dressel and Apfelberg. This consist in distoying the cover of fat cells with the laser fascicle.

The Nd- Yag laser, with wave length 1064 nm was the first laser used for the distroyment of unwanted fat tissue.
Using this method the obtained results are net superior than the results obtained by the classical method of liposuction.
Because this fact on the market could be found laser producers with different  wave lenght but the result are or aren't confirmed.

The energy of the laser with wave length 1064 nm is transmited by optical fibre  to the target tissue, with a small diameter canulla, the energy is used for distroyment of the cover of fat cells, from the zone what must be treated. The advantage of this tehnique are:

  • the great tolerance from the part of pacient
  • short recovery, so the reducing of the profesional inactivity of the pacient, so a reducement of economical damages.

Those advantage are consequences of the particularity of this intervention. The fat tissue is liquified before  extraction, so it can be extracted bigger volume with suction at low pressure. In fact, the results is the atraumatic factor growment. In this case we can talk about laser attended liposuction.

Another characteristic of this procedure consist that in case of small volumes (100- 200 cm3) on the zone of the face or neck is not necessary the suction of the liquefied fat. Its elimination is made with the body own mechanism.
In this case we are talking about laser lipolyzis.

If the suction is not made the atraumatic factor growes.
In both cases the advantage is the SKIN TIGHTENING EFFECT and it consist in the streching of the skin of the new form obtained after the evacuation of the excesive adipose tissue, so it disapear the skin laxity in the treated area ( the flasc skin effect). This effect use to be found in the cases of clasical liposuction.

The skin tightening effect is obtained through of the intreruption of fibrous bands and the regeneration of the colagen net on the skin thanks to the absorbment of the energy in the target tissue.
Another important advantage come because it is used of canula with small diameter in the intervention and results a great atraumatic effect  already mentioned.

It is important  that it is decreased the mechanical distroyment of the skin. 
Using the Nd-Yag laser with wave length 1064 nm for the fat tissue distroyment has consequence the coagulation of blood vessel with diameter until 50 micron, so the postoperational bleeding and echimomoses are reduced. This is a very important advantage.
In conclusion, the Nd-Yag liposuction complected with the  tumescente technique permits to make liposuction without general anaestesia. In this situation are eliminated the posible complication of general anaestesia. So, the laser liposuction make revolution in classic technique and transformed the liposuction in one of the most secure estetique surgery intervention.

The laser liposuction became one of the most modern and popular procedure of the body remodelation and it has net superior results than the clasical liposuction as same as the reduced zone until 200 cm3 as in  vast zones, with big volumes.
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